Takayuki Akachi

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Takayuki Akachi is a filmmaker based in Tokyo.


Born in Tokyo in 1974.

Takayuki is a filmmaker who captures the moments seen in people’s everyday life over the world.

He has visited more than 80 countries equipped with a handy video camera

that enables him to travel light and take solo-shoot, where he finds himself at his best.

He also works as a film director in TANGRAM, a creative studio in Tokyo

that has been commissioned by major global companies

such as NIKE, Google, ANA, UNIQLO or ASICS. >>tangram.to

映像作家 / 赤地剛幸 1974年東京都生まれ



映像ディレクターとしてTANGRAMに所属し、NIKE, Google, ANA, UNIQLO, ASICS,などの広告映像も手がける。 >>tangram.to